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Resources for Ongoing RTI Implementations

Implement RTI

Find the resources you need to implement RTI successfully on an ongoing basis. A successful RTI model typically includes:

Step 1

Determine each student's unique needs.

The embedded diagnostic assessments in Pearson's Response to Intervention programs help teachers pinpoint exactly where each student is struggling.

Step 2

Provide high-quality intervention matched to each student's needs.

Pearson's Response to Intervention Programs are scientifically research based and have been proven effective with struggling students, including students with diverse needs and English Language Learners.

Step 3

Monitor progress frequently to inform instruction.

Because Pearson's Response to Intervention programs offer Curriculum-Based Measurement, teachers can monitor and document overall progress based on specific benchmark measures.

Step 4

Make important education decisions based on child response data.

The student who does not show sufficient progress in spite of appropriate instructional intervention could be evaluated for a learning disability to determine eligibility for special services.


When you seek help with Response to Intervention, Pearson is there, providing a wealth of information, knowledge and skills to your staff members and teams dedicated to special education, curriculum, assessment and administration. We understand your struggles, and we’re ready to share our extensive knowledge and skills to help you address your school/district’s spectrum of students.

A successful RTI model consists of a multi-level system that typically includes:
Intro to Screening/Diagnostic/Progress Monitoring
  1. Using assessments to determine student needs
  2. Providing high-quality intervention matched to the student
  3. Monitoring progress frequently to inform instruction
  4. Making decisions based on child response data
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